Hi, I am Calin Dragoman, Psychologist

Psychologist MSc. Calin DragomanPsychologist MSc. Calin Dragoman
― My background

I am a psychologist and I started my professional activity in 2014.

I work in the field of psychological counseling and personal development with young people and adults. I have been practicing meditation and mindfulness techniques for over 30 years. Since 2012 I have designed and developed SpeeRead - an online platform for training in optimized speed reading.

Here you can benefit from personalized psychological counseling services to help you overcome difficulties and improve your quality of life. With extensive experience in the field, I can offer you emotional support, counseling and therapy to regain your balance and find solutions to your problems.

― Skills

Psychological Counseling for Individuals and Couples

Personal Development

Professional Development

Meditation & Mindfulness

Optimized Reading

― Work experience
― Education
Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

Master's degree, Psychological techniques for controlling behavior and developing human potential / 2013 - 2015

Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

Bachelor’s degree, Psychology / 2010 - 2013

― Courses
APCCR / 2014

Raven Progressive Matrices. Measuring skills and competencies.

APCCR / 2015

Supporting adolescents and children. Workshop for professionals.

International Congress / 2016

Modern research in psychology. Quantitative research versus qualitative research. Interdisciplinary approaches.

AIPPE / 2017

Love between normal and pathological. Methods and techniques of assessment and intervention in love addiction.


Anger management.

Psychodrama conference / 2019

Psychodrama in the 21st century. Trends and challenges.


Basic Course in Addictions - The Therapeutic Approach of substance use disorders.

Psychological Counseling

Do you need psychological help and don't know who to turn to?

Would you like to optimize your personal performance but don't know how to proceed?

Would you like to ask the opinion of a specialist regarding your emotions, thoughts or behaviors?

Psychological counseling services can provide you with the answers you are looking for to questions like the ones above. Problems solved in time help you to keep yourself in optimal physical and mental shape.

Personal Development

Are you concerned with personal development?

Personal development is a topic that concerns more and more people.

Professional development gradually begins to be complemented by the need for self-knowledge and personal development.

It helps define the personality and plays an increasingly important role in career success and happiness in life.

Meditation and Mindfulness

There are two types of meditation techniques that have been scientifically studied:

Concentrative meditation

Mindfulness meditation

Meditation techniques were separated from the mystical aspects to be studied and understood.

The beneficial effects were obtained regardless of the mystical and religious orientation of those who practiced.

You don't need to believe in anything to practice them.

Optimized Reading

Optimized reading is a method of training the eyes to go through the text being read quickly and completely, combined with stimulating the brain to prioritize the meaning of the information being read and assimilate that information more efficiently.

Learning optimized reading is accessible to anyone. Read more!

Usual reading is 250 cpm. Optimized reading starts at 900-1000 cpm (words per minute).

”Ever since childhood, I have been passionate about observing, knowing and improving the working mechanisms of the human mind. I have found that psychology is the best way to develop this passion. In my work I like to discover the deepest causes of human emotions and behaviours. And then to help people develop them the way they need and want.”

Calin Dragoman, psychologist MSc.

― How it works

All counseling sessions take place online and with prior appointment.

The counseling session lasts 60 minutes. The first session lasts as long as it takes to clarify all the details of the counseling process.

The price of an individual counseling session is 50 Euros.

The price of a couple's counseling session is 70 Euros.

These rates also apply to the first meeting, regardless of its duration.

Onlin sessions with Psychologist MSc. Calin Dragoman
Onlin sessions with Psychologist MSc. Calin Dragoman

Online Sessions

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Contact Psychologist MSc. Calin Dragoman